CEO Kickabout is a unique charity football event for CEOs and company directors.

Developed jointly by the Football Association of Wales (FAW) Trust and Acorn’s Executive Search Division, the event brings business leaders from across Wales together for a day of football, tactical insight and networking at the FAW’s National Football Development Centre at Dragon Park, Newport.

All proceeds are donated to the FAW Trust to support their community development work.

Following the success of our CEO Kickabout events in previous years, we’re really excited about the next event in September.

The FAW Trust aims to encourage more people, male and female, of all ages to play football, to ensure the future success of Wales’ national teams, and events like this make a huge contribution to achieving our goals.

FAW Trust, Neil Ward CEO.

Next Event


Friday 20th September


Colliers Park, Wrexham


£200 + VAT

Special guests

Ian Rush

Born in 1961 in St Asaph, the Welsh striker made his name at club level in Liverpool but it was when he played for Wales, his national team that he earned the adulation of a nation, scoring a record breaking 28 times in 78 appearances between 1980 and 1996.

Throughout his glistening career Ian Rush found the back of the net with unerring regularity for both club and country, he is one of the British game’s naturally talented and feared goalscorer.

First capped against Scotland in 1980 with a 1-0 defeat in Glasgow, Rush quickly became star of the side although Wales never qualified for a major tournament to provide the prolific forward with the international stage of his talents deserved, he remained one of the worlds most widely respected goal scorers.

Ian Rush